We combine experience from many areas to create revolutionary and cutting-edge technology

  • Dr. Bálint Várkuti

    Founder & Managing Director

    • 11+ Years Experience in Neurotech and Medical Device Industry
    • Former Global Business Unit Director for Functional Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Saman Hagh Gooie

    Vice-President - Lead Neural Interface

    • 12+ Years Experience in Neuroprosthetics Product Development
    • Sensory Neuroscience Research Engineer
    • Quality Management / Lead ISO 13485 Implementer
    • Intellectual Property Development 
  • Brian Blischak


    • 20+ years experience in neuromodulation industry
    • Led St.Jude Medical’s (now Abbott) DBS business through development, PD, ET and depression clinical studies and launch of its first 2 DBS product families
  • Ricardo Smits Serena

    Senior Software Engineer

    • M.Sc. Biomedical Computing at TU München
    • 6+ years’ experience in Software Engineering, 3+ years’ experience in Deep Learning and AI for Medicine, 2+ years’ experience in Brain-Computer interfaces

    Scientific Lead

    • 14+ Years R&D experience in both small healthcare startup environments and large corporations
    • Made substantial contributions to several interventional and diagnostic applications for neurology
  • Ljubomir Manola, PhD

    Head of Clinical Affairs EU

    • 14+ years experience in Medical Device and Neuromodulatioin industry, large and small companies
    • Accomplishments in clinical affairs, research, therapy training and field roles supporting market entry and expansion
  • Mohamad Atayi

    Lead Software Engineer

    • M.Sc. Neuroengineering at TU München
    • 5+ years experience in Neurotechnology and Brain-Computer interfaces
    • 4+ years experience in professional software development
    • Passionate about using AI and deep learning in neuroscience
  • Maithreyi Gopal

    Senior Software Engineer

    • Masters in Networking and Communication from North Carolina State University
    • 10+ years of experience as a Software Developer for large Scale Distributed Software Systems
    • 4+ years of Software Development Experience for Medical Devices
  • Andrea Escartin

    Software Engineer

    • M.Sc. in Biomedical Computing at TU  München.
    • 3+ years experience in Software Development.
  • Ana Funke

    Executive Assistant

    • B.A International Cultural & Business Studies
    • 7+ years experience CRM
  • Gabriella Miklos

    Clinical Data Acquisition

    • MD-PhD Student at Semmelweis University, Budapest
    • 3+ Years Experience in Research, 1 Year Experience in Neuroimaging
  • Emília Tóth

    Clinical Data Acquisition

    • PhD in electrophysiology, MSc in Electronic and Computer Engineering and Informatics specialist in bionic computing
    • 8+ years of computational neurophysiology and neural signal processing


  • Lukas Liemen

    Working Student

    • B.Sc. Applied Informatics at Hochschule Mainz
    • 2+ years experience in professional software development
    • 3+ years experience in Machine- and Deep Learning


  • Kelsey Bower

    Field Clinical Specialist

    • 5+ years experience in computational neuromodulation research
    • Biomedical engineer focused on translating neurotechnology
  • Sonja Siebeneicher


    • BSc in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence from Tilburg University (Netherlands)
    • 3+ years experience in Machine- and Deep Learning
    • 1+ year experience in the medical AI field

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